The Power Of The Finger: Launch Your Camera With Your Fingerprint

If you own one of our ecophones, you have more power in your finger than you might have realized. In fact, your fingerprint has the power to do all kinds of cool things with your Le S3 or Le Pro3’s camera!

Welcome to our first LeEco Tips & Tricks blog post. In this blog series, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your ecophone with some of the innovations we’ve baked into our eui (Ecosystem User Interface). Check this blog regularly (you can also follow us on social, or add this blog to your RSS feed) for similar updates that we promise will be worth a read.

Take advantage of the 16MP primary camera on the Le S3 or be a low-light selfie machine with the Le Pro3’s 1.4μm front-facing camera with this quick introduction to our LeTouch Shutter and LeSelfie Shutter features.

LeTouch Shutter

When fleeting photo opportunities present themselves, you don’t want to waste time launching your camera. With the LeTouch Shutter feature, you can assign a fingerprint of your choice to instantly launch the camera.

Picture this, you’re at a concert and you want to capture that moment when the lead singer dives into the audience. You could grab your phone, unlock it, tap the camera app and hope you have enough time to capture the photo. Or… you could touch the fingerprint sensor on your Le S3/Pro3 as you grab it from your pocket or purse – the camera will be ready to go, likely before you are.

This is how you make that happen:

  • Set up your phone to unlock with your fingerprint by navigating to Settings>Fingerprint & Password.
  • Toggle “Unlock With Fingerprint” to ON.
  • Add a fingerprint that you’d like to use to unlock the device.
  • Now that you have you main fingerprint(s) set to unlock your phone, you’ll need to assign a different finger to dedicate to LeTouch Shutter. Toggle “Tap To Capture Photo” to ON.



Taking a selfie can be stressful enough as you think about the proper lighting, the most flattering angle, and of course the age-old question: duck face or no duck face? You shouldn’t have to worry about whether you use your non-phone hand or your thumb to trigger the shutter. Your ecophone’s LeSelfie feature, turns your fingerprint sensor into a selfie shutter button!

Follow these simple steps to enable this feature:

  • Navigate to Settings>Fingerprint & Password.
  • Toggle “Tap To Capture Photo” to ON.

Next time you’re taking a selfie, simply tap your finger on the fingerprint sensor located on the rear of your phone and bask in shake-free selfie heaven!