Rob Chandhok
Rob Chandhok is the Chief Research & Development (R&D) Officer for LeEco's North America operations. In this role, Rob is responsible for the seamless integration connecting LeEco's various screens and devices.

Rob brings years of expertise in wireless networks, software and hardware systems. As Senior Vice President and Division President at Qualcomm, he provided key leadership for the company's software strategy, open source initiatives, and wearables and virtual reality divisions. Rob was responsible for the strategies underlying the development and productization of Qualcomm's mobile software technologies, as well as the integration of mobile operating systems and applications written to them with the company's industry-leading chipsets.

“Our goal is to create an optimal way of experiencing content and services across the consumer's world, without distinction or differentiation based on device [for] the best content experience on every device.”

More recently, he served as President, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Helium Systems Inc., a San Francisco-based IoT startup, where he led the creation of a new platform and solution business for industrial smart sensing and control.

With 39 patents, Rob has pushed the boundaries of devices and applications, literally broadening our technological landscape. He also championed the AllJoyn industry initiative, an open-source project driving interoperability between over 200 companies in the Allseen Alliance, especially in home consumer electronics. He was appointed a Non-Executive Director of Intercede Group plc in April 2015.