silhouette survey engineer working in a building site over Blur

In June, LeEco acquired approximately 49 acres in Santa Clara, California from Yahoo!. This highly sought-after site represents one of the largest contiguous pieces of land in Silicon Valley. LeEco plans to develop this site into our global headquarters, and what we’ve dubbed as “EcoCity.”

EcoCity will not merely be a campus where up to 12,000 of the best and brightest from many industries will innovate, creating next-generation technologies and experiences – it will personify the open ecosystem model and the User Planning to User (UP2U) approach that are at the heart of our company’s vision and business philosophy.

It will be a place where the community will be welcomed, where they can connect with each other and their passions. For example, you will be able to experience live music performances by celebrity partners at the amphitheater, while friends watch it live on their LeEco smartphones or TVs.  We’ll have basketball courts with stadium-style seating for local teams, an exhibition between your favorite players, or even just for neighborhood pick-up games.

As a company founded on content, EcoCity will be a haven for content creators. Imagine having access to a mini city or movie set to create content and to the LeEco team to help you distribute it for others to view. We’ll have a place to host your premieres – and to host ours. After all, we are filmmakers too, and we want to make it easier for the next generation of budding movie makers to create and distribute their work.

You will also be able to play, explore, and co-create with us. Try out our Smart Bike, virtual reality, and portfolio of smartphones and smart TVs – even our electric autonomous driving car, the LeSee. More importantly, you can take part in our UP2U program and give us feedback, so your ideas drive the next generation of these products. After all, we’re building this Eco World, not just for you, but with you. The challenge is incredibly exciting and ambitious as our goal is to develop over 2,000,000 square feet by 2020.

In October, LeEco will select its real estate development partner who will help us deliver on this vision, and subsequently launch a worldwide design competition among top architects who will bring form and, ultimately, a signature design to EcoCity. We have lots of criteria for the space — like being sustainably designed and offering a healthy workplace — but we also welcome you into the discussion and encourage you to help us co-create EcoCity because we are not just building this for us, but for you too.  Send your suggestions to us at We’ll keep you posted right here on our progress.