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Connect to a world of Chinese and international entertainment content with a subscription to Letv Premium Membership. Get access to over 5,000 movies and 2,000 TV series—totaling over 100,000 hours of rich, diverse, and high-quality content. Enjoy and ad-free, HD, Dolby Digital Plus experience every time across all platforms with exclusive titles only available to member.

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Free LeTV Box U4 with subscription

A World of Chinese and International Content

Despite being about the size of a drink coaster, the Letv U4 connects your TV to a massive library of Chinese and international entertainment choices, including on-demand video to over 120,000 TV shows and 6,000 movies in 1080p HD, enabling you to have a top-tier, cinematic experience.

Hundreds of Chinese TV Channels

Not only does LeEco's groundbreaking LIVE app let you tune directly into hundreds of free Chinese TV channels (uninterrupted and commercial-free, 24-hours a day), you can also view nine of them simultaneously.

Play 4K Video with Half the Bandwidth

The Letv U4 supports H.265 video compression which enables ultra-high definition 4K playback of content. That means you'll need only 10Mbps—or just half the data bandwidth needed by the prior version—to play back the same quality 4K video in H.265 and further reduces network congestion and enhances the smoothness and image quality of the video play.

True Cinema Sound

Onboard Dolby® and DTS 2.0 technology ensures the Letv U4 provides an audio experience that matches the same high quality found in the visual playback. Movies now sound just as amazing as they look.

Super Processing Power

The U4's impressive performance can be attributed to the onboard Amlogic® S905 Quad-Core 2.0 GHz CPU with Cortex-A53 and a Penta Mali-450 GPU chip running at 750MHz. Combined with a generous 2GB of RAM, the U4 can smoothly operate all content activities, including fluid game play and fast multi-tasking.

Ultra-Fast Dual-Band Wi-Fi transmission

Support for 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi means the U4 is fast, compatible, and more resistant to interference from other infrared and Bluetooth® devices for smoother, cleaner A/V playback.

Red-Hot Bluetooth 4.1

Bluetooth 4.1 support makes the U4 compatible with a broader range of Bluetooth devices, including wireless headphones, keyboards or speakers. Bluetooth 4.1 offers lower latency and greater power efficiency to make your device connections solid and fast.

User-Focused Entertainment Selection

The Letv U4 desktop interface was designed to track your entertainment choices and offer insightful recommendations that save time and expands your library of must-see TV. Video Playback Interruption memory also ensures you can resume watching a film or show right where you left off.

Virtual TV Remote

Use the Virtual Remote Control apps on our LeEco ecophones to control your U4 functions with gestural control, and enter text onscreen from your phone.

Single-Touch Screenshots and Shortcuts

Hold down the “Le” logo button on the U4 remote to grab single-touch screenshots. Quickly press the same button to access and customize commonly used screen functions and create shortcuts for even simpler operation.

Smart Typing

Predictive text input makes typing on the remote control much faster. Smart suggestions based on prior typing keeps button-pressing procedures to a minimum.

TV Browser

The U4 comes pre-installed with our Android-based Ecosystem User Interface (eui) TV browser that maximizes your entertainment and browsing experience. Our eui lets you browse by category, media type or even search online and supports Android TV app downloads that transform your TV into a true home entertainment center.