Award winning audio is now within reach: LeEco CDLA Type-C Earphones recognized at CES® Innovation Award Honoree

Revolutionary pure audio and pioneering design have earned LeEco CDLA Type-C Earphones recognition as a CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree in the headphones category.

Our proprietary CDLA (Continual Digital Lossless Audio) technology brings audio processing closer to your ears through a specialized digital-to-analog converter embedded in the accessory itself (instead of your device). Once you plug in, your earphones take care of the rest using a compact, custom decoding chip.

The result is less attenuation and purer sound that surpasses the standard on traditional smartphone headphones, even on high bitrate files. It’s the authentic experience that movie and music makers intended, and the entire process is self-contained from the moment you plug in. As we like to say, mediocre sound has seen its last days.

LeEco was among the first to replace the traditional 3.5mm audio jack with a USB Type-C port, fundamentally changing how sound moves to your ears. It’s a small step for earphones – but a giant leap for your listening experience.

Combining high definition sound and sleek design, LeEco CDLA Type-C Earphones are ergonomically-engineered to sit comfortably in the ear and feature a tangle-free flat wire. Simple, intuitive controls with call functions and a microphone make possible not just full-bodied listening, but crystal clear communication.

LeEco CDLA Type-C Earphones are included with every ecophone purchase, or you can get them on LeMall for $29.99.