If Comic Con weekend came and went like a blur then fear not, because we’ve recapped the top five events that you just can’t miss out on. These moments had the internet collectively squealing in delight:

1. Can you guess which one of the most beloved figures on the internet and our childhood memories is returning to the small screen? Here’s a hint — the show aired on Nickelodeon between 1990 and 2000, if you’ve guessed Hey Arnold! then you are absolutely right; Nickelodeon announced the Hey Arnold! Movie, set to air Thanksgiving 2017. Lead animator for the film, Craig Bartlett stated, “The movie is very meta & answers pretty much every fan question…” when it comes to ending unresolved plot points in the original series. Which leaves us wondering, will they ever graduate from the 4th grade?

2. We all just can’t contain our excitement when Marvel Entertainment reveals details of their upcoming properties at the convention and this time around they didn’t disappoint. Although, some of the biggest buzz was the result of a throwaway moment when they livestreamed their “cat room,” a literal room of kittens playing during the dead air between announcements (because internet right?). The entertainment giant saved their best for last, as they revealed details of their upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Captain Marvel featuring Brie Larson garnering the most interest. That’s four, read it four marvel movies to get excited about!

3. Not to be outdone by their rivals, DC Entertainment released details about upcoming projects, “Suicide Squad,” “Wonder Woman,” and “Justice League” with never before seen trailers screened during the press conferences. In a humorous note, even Deadshot couldn’t see it coming when Henry Cavill wore a Guy Fawkes mask and waited in line before springing a surprise on Will Smith who was caught unaware by the Superman actor (maybe he just wasn’t wearing his squad gear).

4. World Wrestling Entertainment is famous for its in-ring action, but it’s what’s happening outside the square circle that’s got the interwebs buzzing. Booty-O’s — a breakfast cereal, Booty-O’s, invented by Internet darlings and WWE tag team champions, The New Day, became real when the group announced the production and sale of the foodstuff at f.y.e.com. They even showcased figurines of the the group in heavy detail that will be part of the POP! line-up.

5. Pokemon Go is a universally praised game, right? wrong. According to “Snowden” director, Oliver Stone and cast during a live Q&A session the game takes privacy infringement to am all time high. The session included the likes of Edward Snowden himself, calling in through Google Hangouts, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley. The film, which highlights the events surrounding Edward Snowden & wiki leaks was screened for the first time at an invite-only event. Snowden stated that the film stayed close to real life events and wanted to further reinforce that privacy is a right guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Bonus: As for cosplayers, there were several creations that stood out last weekend. Taking inspiration from three iconic pop culture franchises are Deadpool, The Phoenix, Wolverine, Pomona Sprout, Albus Dumbledore and Rey.


We made our own presence at the convention during the session “Z-Generation: Transcend Boundaries,” where Le Vision Pictures vice-president Peiyao Liu announced two tiers of content streaming plans for our mobile devices. Users can access the content one of two ways: either via a bundle that comes with LeEco mobile phones or by going online.